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I’m a data scientist, dad, coffee enthusiast, budding hiker, and extremely poor skiier living in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

I have a background in engineering (Penn Bioengineering BSE ‘07/MSE ‘17) and psychology, with academic research experience in human memory and social media, personality, and mental health. I continued working on social media and mental health in industry at Qntfy, now part of SonderMind, where I currently work on matching prospective clients to mental health providers.

My publication list can be found here.

Outside of work, I like to experiment with espresso (longer post coming soon, videos available on my YouTube page), and I’ve taken up the de rigeur PNW outdoorsy activities of hiking (great!) and skiing (fun but hard! I’m awful!). Currently (Aug 2022) working my way through the BCE Trail Challenge 2022, and psyching myself up to figure out parallel turns on skis this winter.

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Patrick Crutchley
Patrick Crutchley