Individual differences in free recall

I am leveraging a large dataset of free recall and recognition memory (known as PEERS) to investigate the correlational structure of several behavioral measures of free recall. In particular, I am interested in investigating the oft-found correlation between memory performance (recall probability) and fluid intelligence (IQ).

I presented preliminary findings at the Meeting for the Society for Mathematical Psychology in Summer 2012. (My poster can be found here.)

I later incorporated factor analysis into my investigation, and found four factors that underlie recall dynamics and can predict probability of recall to a high degree (accounted for 83% of variability), even though none of the features that went into factor analysis reflected recall success. Furthermore, the four recall dynamics factors can significantly predict IQ. This result has been written up with Karl Healey and Michael Kahana and is under review at JEP: General. (A PDF of its current state may be found here.)

I also presented this result (plus some extensions) in a poster at the 2013 Context and Episodic Memory Symposium. The poster can be seen here, or below.


Moved to “Completed” pending acceptance/minor revisions (fingers crossed).

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